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When can I count on support service?

Can you please tell me is your support service free?

Yes, of course, support service is absolutely free. Experienced consultants will answer to the question of any complexity and will give you all the necessary information.

Do I need to buy the Extended Download Service after the purchase?

If I buy your program, will it be possible for me just download it from your site or I will need to buy Extended Download Services?

When you make a purchase, you will be immediately sent the registration information. All new versions of the program to download audio files will be available for you at our site - for that you do not need to buy the so called Extended Download Services; in addition, you will always be available to our support (support service, You can always ask questions of any complexity and get an answer to them immediately.

Is the private information protected after the purchase?

Good day. Can I be sure that purchasing your program, all the information about the purchase will be protected?

Yes, for the purchase, we use a system of Digital River - a leading company manufacturing Internet payments. All our programs checked three antivirus: "Norton AntiVirus", "AVG Anti-Virus", "AVP AntiVirus Kaspersky".
You can always download our softwares from the official site

Can I buy the program on a CD?

Can I buy your softwares on a CD?

Yes, of course. You can order the software on a compact disk. This requires purchase the program, pay for a CD and its delivery. For more information, please contact customer support at

Can I pay for the purchase with PayPal?

Hello. Can you tell me whether I can pay for the purchase with the help of the PayPal system?

Yes. The system PayPal is supported. Also you can easily pay by credit card (Master card, Visa and others).

How to rewrite video from the camcorder on a computer and duplicate it?

Good afternoon.
I have some video created on a small disc by my camcorder Sony HD. I would like to write the mentioned video on my PC for the further watching, and also I need to make some copies (duplicates) on DVD discs for my friends. Please, can you tell me whether your software can help me?

Surely, by means of the program DeGo Video Converter you can easily perform these actions. The program will help you to save the video from the disc on your PC and convert the video in such formats as: avi, wm, flv etc. For this you just need to open the file VIDEO_TS.IFO that is in the folder VIDEO_TS.
The section "Burner" (utility for compact discs recording) allows you to create a copy (duplicate) of your DVD disc for the watching on DVD players.

How can I create a library of YouTube or Yahoo video clips on a DVD disc?

Good day. I would like to create a library of video clips, downloaded by me from YouTube and Yahoo, on a DVD disc. Please, tell me whether it is possible with the help of DeGo Video Converter?

The program DeGo Video Converter will certainly help you. Thanks to it, you will easily download any video file from YouTube or Yahoo sites to your PC and then convert such .flv files into any other formats, for example, DVD. After that you will have to write the file on the disc for the further watching.

Is DeGo Video Converter free?

Could you please tell me, whether the program DeGo Video Converter free?

We provide the program DeGo Video Converter at a reasonable price. For $ 34.90 you get a full registered version of the program. The price also includes: constant updates, round the clock Online support (support service users).
What concerns getting the program free of charge, it is possible thanks to the system Trial Pay.

How can I create a video presentation?

Good day. For my work I need to create a video presentation. May I appeal to you for advice?

Good day, yes, of course you can. Our customer support will certainly receive your letter and advise on a particular issue. If there are technical issues in the letter, it will be routed to the engineers of technical support department for detailed permission.

How can I cut off some fragments from the video?

Good day! Would you please tell me if it is possible to edit video file by means of your program: for example, cut unwanted fragments?

Yes, of course. Using panel "Editor" ("Editor"), built-in DeGo Video Converter, you can remove any fragments of your video.

Is it possible to save the audio track from the movie?

I need to save the audio track from the movie. Would you please tell me whether I can do it with your program?

Yes, you can. The program will help you to save the audio track from the film or clip in any of the formats: MP3, WMA, OGG etc.

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